Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact Menu Express?
You may reach us by:

1.) ~~ Use our live chat on the bottom of this page
2.) Calling (985) 875-7700
3.) email your comments on this website
4.) Fax 985-893-7568
5. )Use Facebook Chat


How much does it cost for Menu Express to deliver my food?
Some of our restaurants charge a to go fee. When the to go fee is not visible on their menu, it is already added in to the price. If you order extra items with your meal, there may be an extra to go fee applied on those items.(example: extra sour cream or guacamole, extra dressing, extra crispy noodles)

There is a minimum $5.00 service charge per trip,
PLUS $2.00 for each additional restaurant.
$2.00 - $3.00 extra charge to cross delivery zones
depending on mileage.

(outside zipcode or area where restaurant is located.)

Our mobile waiters and waitresses use their own automobiles and gasoline.
They work extra hard for ONE hour or more to insure safe,
accurate, prompt delivery of your food.
Please TIP them as you would in a restaurant(15% - 20%).


Will my food be hot?
Yes, we use state of the art insulated catering bags to keep your food hot,
But keep in mind that our delivery area is widespread.
The further you are from the restaurant, the more heat is going to escape while in transit.

What are your hours?
Saturday- Thursday-10:00 AM 8:45 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 9:45 PM

What is Advance Ordering?
You must click the advance ordering button before you place your order.
Our system allows us to take orders up to 30 days ahead of time.
You can pre-reserve your delivery time.
This allows us to schedule enough drivers to handle our rush hours!
You can have food delivered to you at home or the office,
or you can send a meal to that special someone .

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Lunch Hours

Daily10:00 - 3:00

Dinner Hours

Daily3:00 - 8:45
Friday  and Saturday3:00 - 9:45


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